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Are you experiencing acute pain that is preventing you from carrying out your daily tasks and affecting your quality of life? Book an appointment online or by telephone at 514-715-5108.

At the clinic or at home

Are you having difficulty moving? An osteopath will come to your home or workplace quickly. Our staff also treat functional emergencies directly at the clinic.

Emergencies 7 days a week

Our osteopathic emergency service operates every day of the year between 7 am and 10 pm. Our team operates throughout the island of Montreal.

Urgent-Osteo, a team of qualified osteopaths at your service

Our staff’s mission is to provide quality care and meet patients’ needs with respect and compassion. All our professionals are graduates of osteopathic schools accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and vaccinated against COVID-19.

At the clinic or at home, we will do everything possible to give you the appropriate treatment under optimum conditions. Our osteopaths are trained to provide preventive care and curative treatment for the whole family: babies, children, adults and the elderly.

Your well-being is our priority. Our team is also trained in emergency treatment, so that we can relieve your acute pain as quickly as possible. Our expertise in this field means we can provide you with quality care, and adapt our treatment to your needs.

Care tailored
to your needs

Our team offers comprehensive care for babies, children, adults, pregnant women, athletes and seniors. Whether you’re looking for preventive or curative care, our osteopaths are qualified to work with the whole family.

As well as providing comprehensive osteopathic care, our professionals are trained in emergency care. Is a sudden bout of pain preventing you from moving or affecting your quality of life? URGENT-OSTEO can come to your home anywhere on the island of Montreal, the North Shore and the South Shore.


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Emergency osteopathy

Osteopathic emergencies: the most common causes

Osteopathic emergencies are functional disorders that make it difficult for you to move around or carry out your daily tasks. These are sudden pains such as torticollis, backache or blockages in the body. Rapid treatment is needed to restore you to full mobility.

Osteopaths treat patients whose prognosis is not vital.

Lower back pain >
Sciatica >
Blockages >
Torticollis >
Neuralgia >

Urgent-Osteo Montréal rates

Insurance companies cover osteopathic treatment.

The fees charged may vary according to the time, day and place of treatment.

Witness testimonies

We’ve turned our passion into a profession, and we thank our patients every day for the trust they place in us.

Magnifique expérience très professionnel j'y retourne après mes vacances un merci
Chantale Morneau
Chantale Morneau
C'était ma première chez un ostéo.
Karla Azuara Duran
Karla Azuara Duran
J’ai beaucoup apprécié le travail de Roman, et ce, pour les raisons suivantes : souci de connaître les attentes et les besoins de son client; propos clairs; possibilité poser mes questions et émettre des commentaires; très bon niveau de connaissance de sa profession. Je recommanderais sans hésitation ce professionnel à mes amis et amies. Message émis par Yvon Rouillard