Osteopathy and the elderly | Staying in shape

Throughout our lives, our bodies undergo physical and psychological trauma. Despite the body’s great capacity for healing itself, certain functions can deteriorate and malfunction. Osteopathy aims to enable the elderly to age peacefully and in good health.

The challenge of time passing

Older people, whether in good health or not, see their bodies age every day. The deterioration in tissue elasticity, the gradual reduction in cartilage and the stiffening of ligaments increase the risk of having a fall.

What’s more, the overall reduction in their mobility and the decline in their range of movement are all factors that increase the risk of injury and trauma. Loss of independence and isolation are two major issues facing this segment of the population.

Osteopathy sessions for the elderly are designed to:

  • restore tissue suppleness in order to improve movement and the ability to move around safely;
  • relieve pain;
  • maintain their independence.
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The most common conditions in the elderly

Osteopathy sessions are recommended for the whole family as a preventive measure or for painful emergencies such as lower back pain, neuralgia, torticollis, etc.

However, older people may be confronted with conditions specifically linked to ageing. Osteopathic treatment is tailored to their needs and to the vulnerabilities of their bodies.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that causes cartilage to deteriorate. Although it is irreversible, osteopaths can act to improve joint mobility and tissue suppleness by reducing the pressure exerted on the cartilage. These practices aim to relieve pain and limit its progression.

Osteopathic sessions can also be used as part of medical treatment for people suffering from diabetes, hormonal disorders or cancer. In fact, osteopathic visceral techniques reduce side effects from certain drugs and can even help reduce the need to take them.

Osteopathy is also recommended after hip or knee replacement surgery, as it prolongs physiotherapy rehabilitation and optimises the patient’s recovery.

The benefits of home osteopathy sessions for the elderly

There are numerous benefits to being monitored, including:

  • maintaining good health and slowing down certain ageing factors;
  • improving comfort in daily life;
  • reducing the risk of having a fall or being unable to move;;
  • reducing the side-effects of certain treatments.

To meet the needs of the elderly, our team offers home osteopathic consultations throughout the island of Montreal.