Osteopath for athletes | Prevent injuries and improve performance

Any sporting activity, whether practised at an amateur or high level, puts strain on your whole body. Over time, you may exceed your own limits and end up injuring yourself. Our osteopaths will help you to achieve your goals in complete safety, with support tailored to your physical condition.

A sports osteopath helps you to improve your performance

An osteopath works on the body as a whole, because all its structures are interconnected. By choosing to receive regular treatment from a professional, you will:

  • remove certain mobility restrictions and improve your range of movement;
  • remove the constraints on your body, which will make your movements smoother and more precise;
  • reduce the recovery time after an injury;
  • improve your concentration during exercise and your recovery;
  • achieve your goals safely.

Osteopathy in sport: a necessary treatment for all athletes

Osteopathic treatment for athletes can be preventive or curative.

As a preventive measure

Regular check-ups with an osteopath for athletes are the best way to protect your body and maximise your performance. The relationship of trust that is established will enable the professional to get to know their patient and detect microtrauma very quickly, even if there are no painful symptoms.

This preventive action avoids certain injuries that can eventually lead to you stopping all physical activity.

For curative purposes

The body remembers past traumas. If, during your training sessions, you feel acute pain which is affecting your practice in a negative way, a sports osteopath will be able to:

  • identify the causes;
  • relieve tension;
  • rebalance your posture and your body.

It is common for former ankle sprains to cause lower back pain. By treating your joint injury, the practitioner will eliminate your back pain.

Frequent reasons for consultation among athletes: lack of concentration, tennis elbow cruralgia (pain on the front of the lower limb), falls with no bone trauma, falls with no visible injury, migraines, tendinopathy (tendonitis), muscle cramps, stress, etc.

Osteopathy, a real asset for certain sporting activities

This manual therapy is aimed at high-level athletes whose activity requires specific support (osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors, etc.). But it can also be used by amateur athletes who want to prevent injury, improve performance or relieve pain.

Osteopathic sessions are particularly recommended for all those involved in high-impact sports such as trampolining, basketball, volleyball, climbing, hockey, cycling and running.