The Urgent-Osteo clinic team

A team of osteopaths at your service

The Urgent-Osteo osteopathy clinic in Montreal was founded out of a desire to meet the needs of its residents. Our mission is to provide quality emergency care while at the same time offering personalised follow-up for our patients.

Our team members all work in partnership to provide the best possible therapies. They work together to provide same-day care.

Jugurtha Boumali

Osteopath DO, founder of Urgent-Osteo

Before setting up his practice in Quebec, Jugurtha Boumali co-founded Urgence-Ostéopathes, a clinic specialising in the management of emergency situations in the Paris region. His diploma from the Paris School of Osteopathy and his practice as an emergency osteopath have made him a skilled professional.

As a top-level athlete and sports trainer, Jugurtha puts his passions to work in his profession. He sees osteopathy as an alliance between health and movement.

His method is based on efficiency, gentleness and adaptability. He offers a holistic approach to patient care, combining structural, visceral and cranial techniques.

Degrees and Certificates

Osteo Emergencies
Muscle Chain
Sciatic Pain and Acute Cases
Sports Follow-up

Angèle Gloor

Angèle Gloor

Osteopath D.O.

A graduate of the College Osteopathique of Bordeaux, Angèle began her professional life in her hometown of La Rochelle, on the French Atlantic coast. A great traveler and lover of adventure, she decided to move to Montreal to continue her career.

Her complete training, with five years of clinic and various interventions (sports event, childhood home...) allows her to take care of all types of patients, from infants to the elderly.

Angèle practices both structural, cranial, visceral and tissue techniques, knowing how to adapt them according to the pattern. Listening to her patients and passionate, the profession of osteopath is for Angèle above all a meeting where she takes the time to treat the pathology as a whole.

Adventure, sport and the discovery of the other and his culture are Angèle's leitmotif.

Mohamed-Amin Belmaaziz

Osteopath D.O.

Mohamed-Amin is a graduate of the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy and is also a member of the RITMA alternative medicine association in Quebec.

Passionate about his profession, he carefully supports his patients throughout their healing journey. His training and experience in an independent firm allow him to support all types of audiences.

A sportsman, he recognizes the importance of physical and mental well-being for each individual. This is why he implements comprehensive support for his patients so that they regain their bodily harmony.

Mohamed-Amin invests himself fully in his profession and demonstrates great empathy towards his patients. He uses a range of osteopathic techniques which aim to relieve the body as a whole.

Degrees and Certificates

Osteo Emergencies
General Osteopathy
Sport Osteopathy

Prisca Gabriagues

Prisca Gabriagues

Osteopath DO

Originally from Aveyron, a picturesque region in the south of France dominated by the majestic Millau viaduct, Prisca has devoted many years to swimming. This discipline has instilled in him a taste for effort, unwavering rigor, and an exceptional ability to optimize his time.

Jovial and dynamic, Prisca has a keen sense of human contact and a great interest in her patients' life stories, which strengthens her sensitivity and allows them to be confident. His empathetic approach also led to the practice of gentle osteopathy in pediatrics and training in the practice of suction cups. His background and expertise can help you achieve optimal well-being through personalized osteopathic techniques adapted to your needs.

After five years of study at the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy, Prisca focused his thesis on the ultra-trail. She explored the impact of a general osteopathic treatment on the decrease in lactate levels in runners to optimize their recovery. This study aroused a keen interest in the ultra-trail community and was deeply studied during the Templar Festival.

She has developed a passion for osteopathy that allows her to support various profiles, including pregnant women, babies and athletes.

Pregnancy is a period of major changes for the woman's body. Thanks to its gentle and adapted techniques, Prisca is able to relieve tension and pain related to postural and hormonal changes. Its objective is to promote the well-being of the expectant mother by improving her mobility and reducing common discomforts such as low back pain, sciatica and digestive disorders for example.

The first months of life are crucial for the development of a baby, his pediatric training allows him to treat problems such as colic, gastroesophageal reflux, sleep disorders and torticollis in infants. Thanks to a gentle and safe approach, Prisca supports infants in their development by ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Having herself a long experience in the sports field, especially in swimming and ultra-trail, she perfectly understands the requirements and needs of athletes. Its expertise allows it to treat injuries, optimize performance and promote fast and effective recovery. She is particularly interested in the impact of osteopathic treatments on the reduction of lactate levels in runners, which has allowed her to develop specific care protocols for athletes.

Discover how his expertise in osteopathy can help you achieve optimal well-being through personalized techniques adapted to your specific needs.

Our charter of professional commitment

DO graduates

Qualifications from WHO-accredited osteopathy schools

Social security approved

For reimbursement by insurers

45-minute session

A session lasts a minimum of 45 minutes


We make it a point of pride to provide quality care in clinics or at home

COVID-19 vaccinated

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Our patients' testimonials

Très professionnel. Je le recommande
Jimena Uribe
Jimena Uribe
Super expérience avec Mohamed. J'ai pu avoir un rendez-vous très rapidement et il a bien compris la problématique. Exercices fournis a la fin pour résoudre le problème
Christophe Neusy
Christophe Neusy
J'ai largement apprécié l'approche humain, l'intérêt d'aide et des conseils pour améliorer l'état de santé. Encore merci!
Martina Kremenova
Martina Kremenova
Je recommande ! rapide et efficace
abdel mebtoul
abdel mebtoul
Jugurtha a bien saisi ma situation et a su comment adresser mon problème. Il m'a fait beaucoup de bien.
Sébastien Caron
Sébastien Caron

Osteopathy: a profession that listens to the body

Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on manipulating the various structures of the human body. Its aim is to identify the causes of symptoms in order to bring the body back into harmony so that it can function better.

Through precise palpation, the osteopath locates mechanical blockages in the skeleton, skull and internal organs. The body is considered to be an indivisible whole. Muscular and digestive disorders can therefore have repercussions on the whole organism.

The osteopath’s aim is not to treat the symptoms, but to determine the causes of your pain. Osteopaths are interested in your body’s history and any previous trauma that may have gone unnoticed.

Osteopaths play a fundamental role in preventing the risk of sports injuries and functional emergencies (sprains, lower back pain, sciatica). However, their field of action also extends to ENT problems, digestive disorders and psychological problems (depression, sleep, stress, etc.).

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Urgent-Osteo, a clinic that carefully selects its staff

All our osteopaths have undergone direct training and are graduates of WHO-recognised institutes and schools. At our clinic, we take great care to work with professionals who are passionate about their work and respect people.

Whatever your needs, we are committed to providing the same level of service, whether in the clinic or at home in an emergency. Our patients can rely on our expertise and attentiveness to help them deal with their physical and emotional ailments.